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Make Money Off the OnlyFans Publisher Referral System

Mar 20, 2021
OnlyFans is an interesting new network. It behaves just like a social network, but in order to access someone’s content, you have to subscribe to it. This creates a residual income from publishers. OnlyFans is open to a wide range of users, and isn’t just exclusive to the adult industry. They do allow for adult performers and content however. OnlyFans also offers a 5% revshare on all publishers you are able to refer. This is a perfect fit for webmasters with model traffic. Here are the details.
OnlyFans Pays A Lifetime 5% Revshare
With the referral program, you get a 5% lifetime revshare on all your referrals income. The more you refer, the more you earn. Also, as their referral counts go up, you also start earning more. This is a great way to build a residual income that will last for a lifetime.
OnlyFans Is Perfect For Camgirls / Amateur Porn Producers
OnlyFans is perfect for camgirls, amateur porn stars and other adult models. It also works as a ModelCentro alternative, which is a network that many models have had a lot of success on. OnlyFans is simpler to setup and understand than ModelCentro is, giving it a unique appeal. In addition to being a new revenue stream, OnlyFans can also work as a promotional tool. Models can use OnlyFans to promote their other products and services to their following.
OnlyFans Is An Alternative To NSFW Snapchat
Snapchat is a very popular platform for camgirls and other adult stars. Although Snapchat doesn’t explicitly allow the selling of accounts, or nudity, that doesn’t stop adult stars from selling account access and doing shows over Snapchat. OnlyFans can work as a Snapchat alternative. OnlyFans allows for nudity, just not anything showing penetration and/or oral. Their TOS is somewhat broad, and they only directly call out penetration as “sexuality”. This gives them room to cherry pick the banning of accounts if they want, but reading the rest of their policy (and checking out their top members) it’s clear to see that it’s a playball policy meant to protect themselves and nothing more.
OnlyFans Supports Deep-Linking
OnlyFans supports deep-linking for their referral program. It’s a good thing, because their initial link goes to your profile page, which might not have as good of conversion rates as it would with the homepage or a different landing page. To change it to whatever you want, simply copy your tracking parameters to the end of any link on the site.
Get Started Promoting OnlyFans!
Ready to start promoting OnlyFans? Signup today! OnlyFans is a fairly new network, so you get it on the ground floor! Earn a residual income with a lifetime 5% revshare. OnlyFans builds models a residual income, while giving them another network to use to market their products and services. Start promoting OnlyFans today.
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