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How to Promote OnlyFans on Social Media

Mar 20, 2021
So you started an OnlyFans or are thinking of starting one, but don’t want to promote it on your social media pages. There are many options for you to promote your page outside of your Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. In this article, you’ll learn a few great methods to grow your OnlyFans without social media.
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List Your Page on Model Directories

An easy way to get new followers and subscribers on autopilot is to submit your page to model directories. Model directories are ways for fans to search for new models based on different factors like what platform they’re on, their features, what they’re able to do, etc.
Typically a model directory is free or may charge a small fee to get listed. is a great model directory you list your profile on. The submission form is found here and you’ll be listed within a day.
Get followers on OnlyFans with OnlyFans Shout Outs
OnlyFans shout outs are when one model posts a link to another model’s page on their feed. This can be incredibly lucrative because those followers have already pulled out their wallet for one content creator. If you’re appealing to them, they may do the same for you.
This requires a bit of leg work on your end either networking with other content creators or simply paying.
If you have a similar amount of followers or subscribers as another influencer, a shout out for shout out (S4S) may work for you. This means that when they post your ad on their page, you post an ad for them on yours. This benefits both parties!
If you have fewer followers or subscribers, your best bet is paying other models for a shout out. The price for a shout out varies for each content creator. Keep in mind that followers do not equal subscribers. A follower may or may not have spent money and it’s free to follow anyone. Subscribers have spent money already and have a higher potential to spend money again.
Be cautious when buying shout outs. ?Red flags to look out for include
  • Accounts that aren’t content creators and only do promos
  • Any account that make promises of followers or subscribers
  • Accounts that reach out to you to do promos for a cost. If they reach out to you, they should be ready to pay or do a S4S
If an account reaches out to promote for free, still exercise caution but as long as it’s content you’ve already posted yourself, you should be good to go.
Live Streaming Apps or Adult Camming Sites
When you have the time, you can go live with your social media or join a webcam modeling website like Chaturbate, Camsoda Model, or BongaCams. All three of the webcam modeling sites listed above are great in their own right.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is camsoda-best-cam-sites.png
Doing something like Instagram live you can give your followers a sneak peak at upcoming content (make sure there’s no nudity). Behind the scenes things work incredibly well, as its like giving your fans a more human side to you and not just the sexy person they’ve been looking at for ages.
By live streaming, you have a chance to further increase the relationship you have with your fans. Better and more varied interaction = more attraction to you = more money for you.
You don’t have to commit to being a full-time webcam model by any means. But you will have a new way to find more fans by performing live. If you go to the front page of any of those websites you’ll see all kinds of girls, guys, and couples doing their thing. If you make it to the front page, that’s a gold mine for new subscribers.
Work with an agency
Working with an agency like Cam Model Agency can help you out by taking all those promotional efforts that take time and offloading it to a crew that does it full-time. Imagine for a small monthly fee you have people working for you every single day promoting you and growing your account.
That’s where magic happens.
For the most part, an OnlyFans promotional agency isn’t going to do anything you can’t do. For instance, we do all the methods talked about in this article to grow your account and charge $99 per month. If you’re charging $10 per month, you would only need us to generate 10 followers a month to make it worth it.
Then they add up next month!
Worst case scenario for getting new subscribers with an agency
The above image is a worse case scenario where you only get 10 new subscribers a month and charge $10 a month. As you can see, just getting enough to pay for the service adds up every month.
Additionally, if you ever want to stop working with us, you can simply email us and let us know! No hard feelings, plus you have all the fans (they’re not going anywhere).
Dating Apps
Probably the worst way to grow your following, ethically. By creating an account on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc, you can file users to your social media. From there you can promote your OnlyFans to them.
We wanted to include this on the list not because we recommended it but so you’re aware this hardly works anymore. When the first few models started this years ago, it was incredibly successful. Nowadays users are keen on bot accounts & dating profiles that are created solely to get people to follow Instagrams or Snapchats.
Try it if you must, but we wouldn’t recommend it.
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