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In which countries is OnlyFans available?

Mar 21, 2021
OnlyFans is currently available in many countries including the United States and United Kingdom as well as other non US states. It has international payments gateway for both users and creators so that creators can receive international payments.
OnlyFans has implemented quicker direct bank transfers, as well as international transfer and eWallet payment methods. OnlyFans has introduced Direct Transfer (OCT) to creators across a range of countries which will lower the minimum withdrawal limit right down to $20.
UK Creators:
  • Direct Transfer (OCT)
  • International Transfer (EFT)
  • e-wallet
European Creators:
  • Direct Transfer (OCT)
  • International Transfer (SEPA)
  • e-wallet
Canadian and Australian Creators:
  • Direct Transfer (OCT)
  • International Transfer (AUD & CAN)
  • e-wallet
USA Creators:
  • Bank Transfer (ACH)
But recently the Australian government has issued a kind of warning for OnlyFans users and creators.

Australian government is saying that OnlyFans is not that safe and users data can be leaked easily.
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