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How to Make More Money on Inked Girls

Mar 20, 2021
Inked Girls is a trending website for earning money as an adult-oriented model. The company is working with Inked Magazine, so there is a lot of money invested in promoting each model registered on the website. As of now, the website claims there are more than 36 million people registered on the network.

Inked Girls, as you may have noticed, is a website that only accepts girls as models; therefore, you need to look somewhere else if you’re a guy. The same company has a website for guys who want to become models, with all the benefits of Inked Girls. So, Inked Girls is one of the best websites you can choose to earn extra money. A side hustle is always good, and this is one of the best options you can choose.
Through this article, we’re going to explore all the ways you have available so you can earn more money on Inked Girls. You may be interested in learning how much does an Inked Girls model earn; lucky for you; we have an article dedicated to the matter so that you can visit it and learn about how girls can get paid on the website.
We mention some cashout methods later in the article, though. Getting started on Inked Girls isn’t complicated. Once your application is approved, you must know about all the possible ways to earn money.
Let’s get to know them!
Subscription Calculator
Use our handy calculator to figure out how much you can make with a premium social media account. Insert the number of followers you have and how much you want to charge per month. Note these are rough estimates and your potential could be less or much, much more.
How many social media followers do you have?*

How much do you want to charge per month?*

You have the potential to make

and up to

Earning money by Fanclub subscriptions
Inked Girls is a website that works similarly to social media networks, like Facebook or Twitter. You can gain followers, and later you can turn them into customers thanks to all the services you can provide on the website.
When you register on the website as a model, you get to set up your profile with many premium content people must pay a monthly fee for. Fanclub subscriptions will be your primary source of income on Inked Girls, but it’s not the only way you have available to earn money.
Also, keep in mind that this is one of the highest paying adult networks you can find around the internet. They’re currently paying all their models 80% of the revenue generated by their services, including fan clubs and everything else.
Sign up for Inked Girls by clicking here now!
Earning money as an Adult Performer
Being an adult model is one of the most profitable jobs you can find around the internet. Some models are earning more than four figures a month, and that’s possible on Inked Girls.
One of the features of this unique website is being able to perform webcam shows; however, unlike most websites, all of the shows are premium, meaning that everyone that enters your room will pay. Members must have enough credits on their account to be able to watch your show. Otherwise, they won’t have access to any show.
Inked Girls is a premium network, and members must pay what’s required so they can have access to the content in its entirety. There’s a whole page dedicated to models currently doing a live show so that members can find you with no effort.
Earning money with Premium Snapchat Subscriptions
Many Premium Snapchat networks exist, but most of them leave all the promotion up to you. That doesn’t happen on Inked Girls. This is one of the many services you can provide on IMG, and it’s great because many people look forward to having direct contact with their favorite performer on social media. Since Snapchat is a popular app, discretion is guaranteed. The subscriptions will rebill each month automatically.
Like the rest of the features, members can find models with premium Snapchat accounts available on the respective section.
Earning money with Premium Video Sales
Many adult networks allow models to sell clips, and Inked Girls isn’t different in this aspect. There is a premium video section with many tags available, making it easier for members to find all the content you’ve uploaded to the website. Besides selling these videos, you can also take custom requests.
Earning Money with Kustom Vids
Members can request custom videos from you. These videos have a higher price than the regular ones, and like the rest of the features, there’s a whole section dedicated to models offering Kustom Vids. If you want to offer this service, you must record a short clip of you describing all the content you’re willing to record for them.
Earning money with “Fantom”
Fantom works exactly as FaceTime would. Of course, you’re getting paid for it. It’s one of the many ways your fans have available to get in touch with you.
Inked Girls Model Referral Program
There is a model referral program available on Inked Girls. After completing registration, you must contact the company via email so you can have access to the program. After that, you’ll have your link available. If someone registers on the network using your link, you will get 5% of the revenue generated by that person on the website.
Sign up for Inked Girls by clicking here now!
How to get paid on Inked Girls
As we’ve mentioned above, Inked Girls pays their models 80% of the revenue generated by their content, making it one of the highest paying adult networks that can be found around the internet. Models get paid on Inked Girls twice a month, on days 1 and 15. You must have available a minimum of $50 to cash out.
The options you have available include wire transfers, Paxum, direct deposits, and electronic transfers. It’s also possible to get paid via local cash pickup. The website is currently implementing prepaid debit and credit cards so that you can expect more payment methods soon!
Advantages of using Inked Girls
Inked Girls is a website that offers many benefits for its models. If you choose to work with this website, it’ll be like working with someone as a business partner. Besides all the ways you have to earn money on the website that we’ve already mentioned, you will enjoy many other benefits:
  1. It’s easy to become popular
  2. Anti-piracy services available
  3. Regional Blocking
There are many tabs on the website, each one dedicated to a specific feature. This makes it effortless for members to find you; however, there is a model directory where everyone can see what models are currently available. There are other ways people can find you, though, including the search bar and the discover page. Sometimes, you may even get posted on Inked Girls’ socials!
Piracy is a problem that all models have experienced at least once throughout their careers. However, Inked Girls offers DMCA services, which are all about scanning the internet in search of copyrighted content that belongs to you. Any content with your watermark will be taken down. If people want to see your content, they should pay for it.
Inked Girls doesn’t directly allow models to block regions; you must get in touch with the network first requesting them to block any location you want. After that, they will have the requested region as soon as possible.
Get started on Inked Girls
Becoming an Inked Girls model isn’t complicated. We have an article available explaining how to become an Inked Girls model, so you can get everything sorted out and start earning money through this fabulous website as soon as possible. Ensure you visit the official page if you want to learn more about the website and all the features you have available as a model!
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